Our bamboo carbon comforters are made with an environmentally friendly treatment of a synthetic fiber with active bamboo carbon which differentiates our comforters from other common synthetic comforters.

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Couette & Nature wants its customers

To take advantage of all the benefits of silk and activated bamboo charcoal. They can create a multitude of innovative products of the highest quality. In particular, they can change people’s lives with their entirely natural properties, as diverse as they are complete.

Couette & Nature: a fitting designation

With hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite properties, thermal control, lightness, flexibility, humidity control and negative-ion release, Couette & Nature products are treated and produced using non-chemical processes that enhance the natural qualities of the raw materials used (silk and activated bamboo charcoal) in the design of its different collections.
It is with this in mind that Couette & Nature’s main mission is to devote its know-how, the quality of its products and its sense of innovation to create bedding products that go beyond the boundaries of design. In other words, by creating products using raw materials of the highest quality and following eco-friendly processes to become an integral part of its customers’ quality of life.

Couette & Nature: 1001 faces of silk and bamboo charcoal, offers you hotel-living at home, at affordable prices, through high-quality and eco-friendly collections.


Bamboo fiber comforter !

Do not let fooled by the so-called bamboo comforters of which it is only the sheath that is in bamboo viscose.

Our globally unique collections are a perfect blend of design, clean lines, durability and beauty.

  • Anti-dust mite
  • Control moisture
  • 5 years guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemical treatment
  • Contains 18 natural amino acids

Couette & Nature offers first-rate quality products that areeco-friendly and affordable

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